Caroline Wiseman Modern & Contemporary
Jeremy Kidd

St Ives the Island
21 x 48"


£3500 inc VAT

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Artist's Biography

For the last several years Jeremy has been utilizing my background as a sculptor and painter to push the photographic realm and explore the modern environment.  I want to capture the enigmatic architectural drama of place by using multimple time-lapse photographs, expansive panoramic views and careful alterations of the images.  His goal is to engage the viewer and convey an animated experience of the dynamic urban infrastructure.

Composed from up to 100 photographs melded together.  The pieces are as much about what traditional photography is not as they are about what it can be made to do, exploring movement, time, multiple viewpoints and the subjectivity of experienced. During the re-assemblage into coherent panoramic vistas the scenes are altered and evolve away from the original source to become a metaphor for memory.  As do our expereinces as they depart overtime fromt he observed source.