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Scott Blaser

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 Scott Blaser is a western American artist living and working in London.

Although his work has roots in the big sky aesthetic of the west, west meets east in his philosophical exploration of the rhythmic sense of the figure lodged in the landscape.

Through the vitality of the vertical initially juxtaposed against and then ultimately subsumed into the repose of the horizontal, a vibrational sense of humanity's sojourn on earth emerges and arcs into the arising and passing away of life.

This sojourn, spiritually instructive in its transcendent nature, is marked by a consequent rhythm of portals opening and closing in the passages of time. Created is a rhythm that shapes and defines one's own life and allows us to perceive, recognise and acknowledge others.

This open and close finds ultimate definition in the horizontal of the horizon and it is what we, consciously or not, orient towards.



2011: The London Original Print Fair, London

2011: London / Berlin Anschlussel, Exhibit co-sponsored by Fruhsorge Contemporary Drawings, Berlin, and C4RD, London

2010: MA Degree show, City & Guilds Art School, London campus