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Henry Jackson Newcomb

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Henry Jackson Newcomb investigates a perpetual interest in the dematerialisation and experience of the art object.

Through sculptural works and installations, a repetitive approach to process and materials invites the viewer to interact with the artist. Significant elements become re-occurring motifs, deconstructed and evolved into future languages after being recorded.

Strong lines fall on projected backdrops, figurative and rhythmic forms emerge out of vibrant, angled layers that vibrate the character of the drawings they were developed from. Subtle gradients of shadow hint at the installations built to construct each image, as shapes and objects subtlety reappear.

Metal and wooden rods feature extensively in the recent works, establishing uncanny layers and illusions when presented as a flat image. The framed prints suggest a digital process, leaning towards a graphic aesthetic as the works flux between live structural environments, collage and documentation.

Director of Savorr