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Regine Bartsch Blind Spot
Regine Bartsch

Blind Spot
60x45x4 cm
Drawing and Collage on Chinese Papers with Graphite and Colouring Pencil on Canvas

Small sqaures on each drawing, which shine in certain light and make that area blind

£1200 Non Vattable

Received directly from artist 

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Artist's Biography

Regine Bartsch was born in Hamburg, Germany but was brought up in Helsinki, Finland and Damascus, Syria.  She returned to Hamburg to attain her MA in Fine Art.

Since 1978 Bartsch has lived on the West Coast of Ireland, on the sea.  It is this experience which contrasts with her experience, gained through her residency here at The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, which is the subject of the exhibition West to East.  Bartsch explores not just the physical comparisons but also the emotional and cultural differences.