Caroline Wiseman Modern & Contemporary
Simon Gales

White Infinity

Oil on Wood

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Gales says "I was intuitively drawn to depict a human skull at eye level, an object that is generally considered macarbre or sinister, in a way that is magnetically quiescent, positive, even beautiful. I also wanted to create a second paradox between the physicality of the panels as a piece of wall sculpture and the infinite white void painted on them for the spectator to drift into; a void that is full metaphysically yet for me pleasing in its minimality as it edges and diminishes parts of the shelf and skull".

Artist's Biography


1985 - 1988  Goldsmiths College - BA (First Class Honours)

1983 - 1985  Ipswich School of Art - B/TECH DIPLOMA (Distinction)

Solo Exhibition Summary

2014   De Goldsmiths à Aujourd’hui – Espace Ap-Art, Perigueux, France

2003   Simon Gales, The Bruton Street Gallery, London

2001   Simon Gales, The Bruton Street Gallery, London

1999   Simon Gales, The Bruton Street Gallery, London

1990   Suspending The Time (with Brian Falconbridge) Jill George Gallery, London

Group Exhibition Summary

2014   Invitation for 3 Work Installation, Orwell Park, Nacton, Suffolk

2008   Quatre Artistes, 6 work installation, Chateau d’Excideuil, France

1998   Selected works, (OW& Co Fine Art), Gallery 27, Cork Street, London

1997   A New Beginning, Offer Waterman & Co., London

1996   Ten British Artists Exhibition, Waterman Fine Art, London

1992   Cabinet Paintings – Hove Museum & Art Gallery, Sussex

           Cabinet Paintings – The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery & Museum, Swansea Wales

1991   Modern Art Since 1945, Christie's, London

           Cabinet Paintings – Gillian Jason Gallery, London

1990   A Spiritual Dimension – Wolsey Gallery, Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich, The Arts Council

           A Spiritual Dimension – Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, The Arts Council

1989   A Spiritual Dimension – Peterborough City Museum & Art Gallery, The Arts Council

           A Spiritual Dimension – Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry the Arts Council

           (Norman Adams, Craigie Aitcheson, Felicity Allen, Andrew Bick, Brian Falconbridge, Simon Gales,
           Anthony Green, Kaori Homma, Vanessa Jackson, Tess Jaray, Michael Kenny, Bob Law, Paul Neagu,
           Carl Plackman, Roderick Tye, Carel Weight, John Wood)

           Christie's New Contemporaries, The Royal College Of Art, London

Open Exhibitions

2006   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy Of Art, London

2005   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy Of Art, London

1993   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy Of Art, London

1992   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy Of Art, London

1991   Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy Of Art, London

Art Fairs Summary

1997   Art 97 Islington, Offer Waterman & Co., London

1996   Art 96 Islington, Offer Waterman & Co., London

1995   Art 95 Islington, Waterman Fine Art, London

1994   Art 94 Islington, Waterman Fine Art, London

1990   Los Angeles International Art Fair, Jill George Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Collections and Reproductions

Art for the Underground, London Underground

The Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum Of Childhood, London

London Transport Collection

The Robert Holmes À Court Collection, Perth, Australia

The Ipswich Collection, Colchester and Ipswich Museums

Accenture PLC

Numerous Private collections worldwide

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