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We have works of art made by many of Britain's most important artists, several  inspired by Benjamin Britten's Aldeburgh beach. Please click here to see our latest acquisitions.

The ArtHouse shows works created in and or inspired by the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout

Viewing by appointment call Caroline on 01728 452754 to fix a time.


Brand New - Summer art courses launch with The Aldeburgh Academy at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout. Courses include Photography, Painting, Drawing and Foundation Fine Art. Find out more here.


Duchamp 100 Years Later

Throughout 2017

It is 100 years since Duchamp presented his infamous urinal Fountain, to the art world.  This act of iconoclasm changed the history of art by allowing artists complete artistic freedom and because it posed serious philosophical, artistic and social questions about the nature of artistic creation, which are just as relevant today.

Now in 2017 The Mr Tut (an anagram of R Mutt) Collaboration advances modern art with a work which takes Duchamp’s Fountain and makes it relevant to today's global issues. This, says the Duchamp historian, Calvin Tomkins, is needed now. PeaceWar is the beginning of Peoples Post Modernism when artists move on from art world self-absorption and make works of art of depth and spiritual resonance which unite humanity, as art is supposed to do.

Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th July - What Remains; The End of the Urinal

What Remains; The End of the Urinal, Vicky West - Performance piece includes Radio Dada, presented by radio ham, Tony Scott-Robinson with his steampunk radio equipment, Beth Reeks (superstar model dressing up and posing to be drawn, using Baroness Elsa's modelling school poster and information).

Monday 21st - Friday 25th August

Adam Bridgland - more details soon

Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th August

Alice-Andrea Ewing - more details soon


We Are the Weather - more details soon

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th October

Perienne Christian - more details soon



The Aldeburgh Beach LOOKOUT

The Aldeburgh Beach South LOOKOUT is a tiny temple of inspiration for artists, poets, writers, performers and thinkers.  Each Saturday the artist reveals what he /she has created during the week.  Openings are usually on Saturday lunchtimes between 11 - 4 pm but please check our website for full details or ring Caroline Wiseman on 01728 452754.  Email for further information. Please click here to see our Aldeburgh Beach Lookout website.

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